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Here are the two main reasons RA/QA/Clinical professionals subscribe to our newsletter:

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    Regulatory affairs, quality assurance, and clinical operations teams need to stay on top of a fast-moving regulatory environment. Hunting for news and scouring databases steals valuable time that’s better spent elsewhere. The Insider Newsletter gathers important news so you don’t have to. Each month, we aggregate the latest relevant regulatory happenings and deliver expert analysis on key topics. Quickly scan regulatory updates from the FDA and stay for insights that help you take action on them.

  2. It provides deep, highly actionable takeaways on the regulatory and compliance news impacting you.
    It’s easy to get overwhelmed by the constant stream of regulatory information within the FDA-regulated industries. Keeping track of it all is hard enough. Understanding and responding to it thoughtfully is even harder. Our former FDA contributors analyze regulatory developments so you can focus on what it means for your organization and take efficient, effective action.

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Most of our subscribers are regulatory, quality, and clinical professionals working within the pharmaceutical, medical device, and biotechnology industries.

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The FDA Group helps life science organizations rapidly access the industry's best consultants, contractors, and candidates. Our resources assist in every stage of the product lifecycle, from clinical development to commercialization, with a focus in Quality Assurance, Regulatory Affairs, and Clinical Operations.

Go deeper: Finding top talent in the hyper-competitive life science industries gets harder each day. With thousands of resources worldwide, hundreds of whom are former FDA, we meet your precise resourcing needs through a fast, convenient talent selection process supported by a Total Quality Guarantee.

Get direct access to the specialized life science talent you need to bring products to market and keep them there. Whether you’re looking for consulting or project support, full-time contract, contract-to-hire, or direct-hire talent, we rapidly identify the right resource, the first time.

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The FDA Group helps life science organizations rapidly access the industry's best consultants, contractors, and candidates.
I have 46 years of RA/QA experience including FDA, Abbott, AAI Pharma and Endeavor Pharmaceuticals. In 2011, I established Coastal Pharmaceutical Consultants to offer independent RA/QA services to industry, law firms, investment houses and FDA.