Real Talk on Remote Leadership with Nick Klingensmith

How to navigate the challenges of remote work, the disconnect between leadership, management, and frontline employees — and the effects on company culture and employee engagement.

In the most recent episode of our podcast, The Life Science Rundown, The FDA Group's Nick Capman sat down with Nick Klingensmith, a four-time cancer survivor, motivational speaker, and mindset coach. They discuss the challenges of remote work, especially the disconnect between leadership, management, and frontline employees, and how it affects company culture and employee engagement.

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Key points discussed include:

  • Klingensmith's journey from sales in the telecom and logistics industries to becoming a motivational speaker and coach, emphasizing resilience and overcoming obstacles.

  • The fundamental disconnect in remote work environments, where leaders fail to engage effectively with their teams, leading to feelings of isolation and disconnection among employees.

  • The perception gap between managers and employees regarding communication and engagement, with many employees feeling overlooked unless there's a problem.

  • The need for leaders to adapt to remote work by overcommunicating, setting clear expectations, and fostering genuine connections with their teams.

  • Klingensmith’s critique of the lack of training for managers on how to lead remote teams effectively, emphasizing the need for mentorship, accountability, and proactive communication.

  • The importance of understanding the distinction between micromanagement and accountability, and the role of empathy and vulnerability in leadership.

Klingensmith provides actionable advice for building a resilient remote workforce, such as staying present, focusing on what can be controlled, and being authentic and vulnerable as a leader. He also highlights his upcoming book, "Selling Inspired," aimed at sales professionals, and shares where he can be found online for speaking engagements.

Nick helps remote sales teams and leaders develop a warrior mindset and overcome self-sabotage, fears, and excuses to achieve success. With 20 years of sales experience and 10 years of executive leadership, he’s passionate about driving revenue growth and developing people. He collaborates cross-functionally to identify opportunities, author unique value propositions, and analyze gaps to drive stronger performance.

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